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MPCHAT: Service news

09/23/22 - Mpchat CMS version 8 with PHP 8.1 support
11/17/20 - Mpchat CMS version 7 with PHP 7.4 support
03/21/20 - Mpchat transfer to the new server successfully completed!
02/03/20 - Mpchat has successfully switched to the new version of PHP 7.4
07/02/18 - All chats are transferred to PHP hosting. All old rates have been changed.
08/06/17 - New webcams v2.1 using HTML5 WebRTC technology + modal solution!
08/03/17 - Switching to SSL https, abandoning Flash technology and useful tips!
06/22/17 - Speed up chat loading and disable AJAX engine
10.12.16 - New version of Mpchat CMS v6 chats. This is an alpha version for testing.
16.02.16 - The migration of the chat service to PHP 7.0 has been successfully completed, all chats on the service have been updated automatically.
01/21/16 - Changes in tariffs and conditions for all chats.
06/02/13 - Due to various circumstances, all tariffs have been converted to Euro.
02/05/13 - All chats are now in UTF-8 encoding.
01/14/13 - Necessary transition of chats to UTF-8 encoding
11/16/12 - Refinement of the new assembly of engines to the ideal - WebSocket!
07/28/12 - New build of message passing engines - 5th version
06/10/12 - The file version will be disabled on 07/01/12, the transition to MySQL is now free for all old ones!
04/29/12 - Attention!!! The main scripts of the new MySQL version have been completed and chats based on MySQL are now being registered. Discussion...
02/27/12 - The service has moved to a new server, so you need to reconfigure your domains to a new IP:
05/20/11 - Webcams in chat for paid chats!
05/16/11 - Hurray! The new frameless 4th version of the chat is ready!
08/15/10 - Increased available space for ALL chats by 3 times!!! Doubling days promotion when paying for a free chat until 09/01/10
06/29/10 - Fixed errors leading to 502 Bad Gateway and resetting parameters. Improved security and backup system.
12/18/09 - New chips in Wirth. store and more!
11/17/09 - Made some status updates and others
11/04/09 - Increased available space for chats without a level to 10mb, increased the tariff from +300mb to +500mb, increased the registration limit for paid chats to 15k.
09/21/09 - Some updates and innovations!
08/23/09 - BB-filter update and other innovations!
07/09/09 - Some updates to the gallery script and more
07/03/09 - Improved superban! Tariff change +100mb to +300mb.
04/19/09 - A new option for changing engines when caching!
04/10/09 - Multi- clan system - the concept of groups!
03/24/09 - Paid chats are now allowed to attach up to 5 domains!
03/20/09 - New parameter for paid chats - on/off transfer of items in the store
18.03.09 - Updates related to the informer and not only.
05.03.09 - Improvement of WebFTP - bugs fixed and improvements made for convenience when working with WebFTP!
01/22/09 - Some updates for the online list and more.
12/21/08 - Some updates.
09.12.08 - A series of updates and improvements.
26.11.08 - New features for emoticons.
11/19/08 - A series of various updates.
11/08/08 - In the main admin panel, a new section "Administrator log", you can see who and when was in the main admin panel and what they did there. As well as the history of bans committed through the usual admin panel.
03.11.08 - Small improvements to Wirth. clans/shops.
10/22/08 - Superban - system key lock.
09/26/08 - Improved photo upload!
28.08.08 - CLANS - an innovation for paid chats!
07/11/08 - Registry Office -> Virtual families. Email notification of new gifts!
06/11/08 - Moving to the new server went well, almost all domains are already available on the new server, the server is stable. Also now available are NS for domains - and . If you have problems with the service, write on the forum!
05/13/08 - New section in the main admin panel (replacing jokes) - Robot bases (robot answers in separate files)
05/11/08 - Server update and stability improvements (that's why there were problems with entering the chat)
04/13/08 - Add. a chat engine that solves a lot of problems!
04/09/08 - Global improvement of the design installer and its capabilities.
03/09/08 - In the parameters, item 8 is on. and off. opportunities to earn points.
02/08/08 - Addresses of emoticons and icons moved from ->
04.02.08 - Registration with email confirmation.
12/29/07 - A virtual store has been created for paid chats!
02.12.07 - Quiz rating and points for activity in Top100.
11/25/07 - Increased the base of the quiz from 8k to 130k. Fixed a bug with the disappearance of letters, as well as tweaked the design of the quiz.
20.11.07 - Tariff increase warning!
11/17/07 - Search function by topics in the forums
07.11.07 - Improved security.
01.11.07 - New advertising policy!
10/31/07 - Finalization of the autostatus
10/28/07 - Auto-transition to mpchat3 is completed, with which partial auto-change of design in some chats is connected!
10/26/07 - Short Link Generator: 1 ... 3 4 5 ... 10
09/03/07 - New script! Feedback form, available via ?inc=feedback, edit in Also in the parameters point 4!
09/01/07 - Transition to Mpchat3 is open!
08/26/07 - Moderation of rooms, updates and how to set up!
22.08.07 - Top100 script modification
17.08.07 - Updated statistics script stat, now everything is conveniently presented in graphical form.
08/14/07 - Autoresponder in the chat!
08/07/07 - New opportunities for forums!
08/03/07 - The function of deleting messages has been added to the message log view!
(3rd version)
07/12/07 - A series of updates from 07/01/07 for chats version 3!
06/20/07 - Opportunity to manage. users to rename the nickname, the "Database" section has been redesigned!
06/10/07 - Completely reprogrammed the voting system, added new features. Old votes had to be deleted.
03.06.07 - Counter of gallery photos in the questionnaire
05/27/07 - Loading of icons/graph-nicknames by users!
05/23/07 - Change of file names!
03/24/07 - Now you can ban by internal IP (real IP if you use a proxy), the calculation of available space has also been changed - which gave + 5% free space.
11.03.07 - TOP-Gallery to the studio :)
26.02.07 - Auto-change of status in silence (away)
02/21/07 - New feature - transfer topics in forums
01/21/07 - Paid service of radio channels for chats has opened! Places are limited - read more...
05.01.07 - Something for the forums!!!
12/11/06 - New feature - forbid talking!
10.12.06 - Updated software (apache/php). Improved stability several times.
11/15/06 - Why the server did not work, etc.
11/10/06 - Email editing and mailing for registered.
11/01/06 - Changed condition 1 for free chats.
02.10.06 - Update for forums, global. moderators and more!
01.10.06 - Access to forum sections, etc.!
09/28/06 - Changed the standard title (+authorization) and style file - see the main chat!
09/18/06 - Displaying new topics on the forums!
16.09.06 - Forums for everyone!!!
Fix for old forums!
09/11/06 - Fix bug messages in settings!
08/15/06 - Withdrawal of birthdays through the informer!
07/29/06 - New items and alterations in the lower frame! (optional)
07/26/06 - Finally done! Full frame system editing for free chats! (Except ad frame)
07/25/06 - Correcting the quiz for compatibility!
07/08/06 - New registration options!
07.07.06 - Created a system for the promotion of sites CAP
06/30/06 - Installed protection against hacking / guessing passwords!
06/24/06 - In Ch. admin panel sorting of participants according to various parameters!
06/19/06 - We have a new fast forum!
06/05/06 - Protection against theft of the session of authorized users. Cookie ban - more details on the forum!
06/04/06 - Forbidden point (.) in nicknames, all points in nicknames are deleted! On the title page, the output of information about the chat is possible only through the informer!
05/13/06 - Installed anti-spam on internal chat mail and added the ability to search by logs for paid chats.
04/19/06 - Subdomains for all chats!
03/27/06 - Launch of the engine in the chat directory!
03/18/06 - Status enhancements -> Priority!
03/16/06 - Changed condition 1 for free chats! Deleting chats from 10 days of non-attendance.
02/18/06 - Decided to introduce max. the size of the place for the chat is 50mb, also from March 1st they will have a banner.
02/16/06 - Fixed a bug in the engine that did not load the message frame when the number of messages on the server was high.
02/12/06 - Moving to another server is completed!
02/11/06 - Protection against hacking simple administration passwords (wwwhack) by adding a timeout when entering a password.
01/28/06 - Fixed bug with loading photos and pictures.
01/24/06 - Improved functionality in the admin panel: Management -> Users.
01/14/06 - For paid chats, setup in the settings of a personal DNS domain, more details in services.
01/05/06 - Fixed the problem of entering the chat registered. user when nick freezes!
12/17/05 - Update 8 exit.php->exit.html
12/10/05 - Full access to the lower frame: -> chat.html
12/07/05 - Improved status system, more details in the status settings!
26.10.05 - Scroll manipulation!
23.10.05 - Authorization and Wirth. marriage registry.
01.10.05 - Transition to the new version!
04.09.05 - Tags in the guestbook!
08/24/05 - To save server resources (increase in speed) UPDATE of Top100 statistics and calculation of used space in the chat were installed once a day! This will increase performance and download speed by over 50%!
08/22/05 - In the parameters of changing the length of the nickname and enabling the check of the simultaneous use of Latin and Cyrillic in the nickname!
21.08.05 - Simultaneous use of the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets is prohibited in nicknames! Now it will be impossible to fake a nickname!
08/17/05 - Semi-automatic update 7
08/13/05 - Improved robot...
08/05/05 - A new C++ engine is launched - if you have problems, please report immediately!
08/02/05 - Mandatory Update 6 - Team Editing
07/21/05 - Reliability! Automatic saving (backup) of all data every 15 days. Automatic launch of the perl:8888 engine when hovering. Automatic calculation of statistics, status resolution and assignment of subdomains on a daily basis. This guarantees the safety of your data, the stability of the continuous engine and the relevance. Please inform me immediately in case of possible hacking of chats (to identify the reason), the return of the saved copy of the chat costs $5.
07/18/05 - Improved menu chap. admin panel, optimized for all browsers!
07/17/05 - Correction of settings and styler , the calculation of the size of the database of nicknames is now not calculated, but equated to 500kb. (associated with a large number of files)
07/11/05 - Mail check function!
07/07/05 - Improved the system for determining the participant in the chat! Less likely to be kicked out of the chat due to a bad connection!
07/04/05 - The size of the allowed message in the chat has been increased to 500 characters, the perl engine script has been improved, the engine starts automatically on shutdown, the calculation of the space occupied by the MPchat = 6GB has been carried out, the display of server resources consumed by the perl engine (on average) has been set on the main page.
07/02/05 - In the parameters we look at 19. - now, with your permission, users can send pictures directly from the computer !
06/11/05 - Adding time to the mscall function
06/11/05 - You can customize the look of the settings, just don't get confused with JS and edit fonts in webftp in the fonts file (add only to the end).
06/08/05 - Commands for the administration in the chat!
06/05/05 - Browser Compatibility Analysis June 2005.
05/28/05 - Error limiting ICQ statuses: fix
05/21/05 - Finally, complete configuration of the profile in the admin panel.
05/17/05 - Nickname splitting error, the fix is described on the forum...
05/02/05 - Added a new collection of big smileys -> in the admin panel in the smiles select the sheet newbigsmile-160
04/26/05 - By decision of the state. tips and are merged :)
04/24/05 - Added ban management to the admin panel, you can ban subnets (superban 123.123.123.* ), it is also forbidden to remove someone else's ban for moderators.
03/28/05 - Continuous C++ engine installed on all chats, read...
03/20/05 - Update 5 read on the forum...
03/13/05 - The error of resetting message statistics has been fixed.
03/12/05 - The number of profile views was added to the profile, an error in the About me field was fixed.
03/01/05 - MPCHAT RELOAD: In the new month with a new design, I hope everyone will like it, write comments to the mail :)
26.02.05 - The gallery script has been improved, now you can sign photos and add comments (anti-flood), the way to customize the design has been improved (all in one), I had to install a standard title for all chats.
02/16/05 - Fixed quiz, launched a second trial version.
02/12/05 - Chat quiz, test version. Those who wish can install.
10.02.05 - Statuses as in ICQ, now also on MPchat :) Continuous:8888 statuses will work tomorrow! Those who wish can install. Also fixed a few bugs in the continuous engine, such as loading a nicknamelist.
02/06/05 - Feature: history of your messages and those sent to you! Those who wish can install. Also fixed a few bugs in the continuous engine, such as loading a nicknamelist.
01/28/05 - Updated Web-FTP - allowed: .swf, .inc, simultaneous deletion of several files, sorting by: date, size, name.
01/25/05 - Design installer for beginners has been added to the admin panel.
01/16/05 - For the chat administrator, the ability to view the log of all messages, up to 500.
12/28/04 - Informer - displays various information about the chat and its status using JS. description...
12/26/04 - Fixed several bugs causing the continuous engine to freeze - sorry for the temporary glitches.
24.12.04 - Merged two chat services more... .
12/13/04 - Finally, we have the long-awaited function "in Russian" russ(); install . Also, the registration of chats has been improved and a description of the levels of chats has been created.
12.12.04 - The service section on tariffs and more has been changed. Chat info has been added to the admin panel. Also, the paid admin panel (WebFTP) will now be enabled for all chats from level - 2. The mpchat service increases the max. the total number of visitors in chats is up to 150 and we hope for your help in achieving it :) And it's snowing for us!
12/04/04 - Private in a separate frame .. to install, click on the forum link. 04.12.04 - Fixed bug with displaying statuses in new chats..
28.11.04 - Feature: a separate field for teams and nicknames! Those who wish can install.
22.11.04 - Did you miss the news? Then read the sweet :)
More than 5000 different emoticons and icons were collected: ICON(starwars) - 130, icon(animals) - 180, smile - 1155, coolsmile - 1377, bigsmile - 850, verybigsmile - 45, etc.
Some have been broken into smaller sheets. You can install them through the admin panel!
12.11.04 - Improved system to prevent freezing nicknames in the chat, the probability becomes 2 times less!
04.11.04 - Continuous perl engine on ports is ready, it has not been tested for stability, but it seems to work fine :) If a firewall is installed, port 8888 must be allowed.
11/01/04 - Continuous engines are temporarily closed for technical reasons, a faster and more stable engine will be installed soon!
28.10.04 - The standard message frame has been changed. For all beginners, it is now more convenient to make settings based on comments :)
27.10.04 - The settings for the arrangement of frames appeared in the parameters :) If something is missing, send a picture with the arrangement of frames, which is not in the settings.
10/25/04 - Thanks to one of the admins, the styler now works correctly! Several other bugs have also been fixed.
10/20/04 - Now - gives a unique opportunity to create any HTML files in your chat directory. That allows you to use the system also as a site service :)
10/16/04 - The chat database has been rewritten to a more reliable one. If you have problems with logging into the admin panel, write, we will solve it!
12.10.04 - Russian photos loading bug fixed!
11.10.04 - Protect your chat from MPChaters! In the admin panel, in the parameters, you can hide the link from the mpchat list, or if your chat has a status (a square in the sheet), you can put the input from the subdomain!
09.10.04 - Stylizer function in admin panel, there are no more requirements for knowledge of HTML more...
09/29/04 - Setting up personal icons in the admin panel!
28.09.04 - Powerful active transliteration for your guest room - installation
09/27/04 - Message to all admins, read the mail!
09/22/04 - In the antifluder settings, it does not allow writing in the chat more often than you allow :) 0 - disabled!
09/21/04 - In the parameters, the ability to allow only registered users to chat with the approval of the administrator! In the status of approving or deleting a nickname, a registered user receives a notification to his email!
09/18/04 - A new way to access scripts, for example your chat or then the registration script is available at ?reg or - i.e. by specifying the names of the scripts after the question (top100, subscribe, stat, who ...), you can refer to them!
09/17/04 - Now subdomains like are automatically issued free of charge to chats that have a cube, i.e. the average number of phrases per day exceeds 1000, if the cube disappears, the subdomain will automatically be deleted!
09/12/04 - Menu in the frame of the participants, a very interesting thing, it may come in handy, we read ...
09/12/04 - Fixed bugs in all engines, the continuous PHP engine is back, fixed freezing of nicknames in chats and errors with encodings! Development continues!
09/10/04 - You can change the registration design, the limit on the number of registrations has been removed!
09/02/04 - Added the ability to upload a list of smileys in emoticons, you can send your own list of emoticons and it will be added for selection to all chats!
08/28/04 - Finally, a new pearl engine has been released, you can turn it on in the parameters! Promises to be fast and stable!
08/23/04 - Update 4! - In the chat settings, you can allow the use of a choice of font size and type, read the installation in the forum , new chats do not require installation!
08/20/04 - Canceled continuous chat engine due to high RAM and lag requirements. In the future, another engine will be developed.
08/17/04 - If you want to make money on chat almost for free: then you are here !
08/16/04 - Created gallery script (gallery.php?chat=_yourchat_) and increased space for chat and files up to 5mb.
08/12/04 - Updated protection, improved robot script (you can write more than 3 robot responses), karma script created.
08/07/04 - the service is still working, during my departure the hackers pretty shit - read the forum!
07/07/04 - Function in the admin panel - setting statuses!
04.07.04 - SENSATION - all chats have been moved to another server ( domain) and fully restored! You can go there, it should be faster there, if you have any problems, write! The chats on also continue to exist!
06/23/04 - Message from RUSSCHAT.RU: due to holes in the scripts, the site was temporarily closed and redirected to this one. Affected paid chats, please ask for help and extend the paid chat! All prices for chats are reduced by almost 2 times!
06/09/04 - Script that displays the last registered nicknames!
lastreg.php?chat=chat&n=10, where n is the number of nick output from 1-100.
06/01/04 - Contest 2 - paid chat for a month for the winner more...
05/27/04 - In the admin panel database of jokes (add and torture the robot)
05/17/04 - Added filtering to the admin panel (we use it for swearing or direct emoticons!)
05/15/04 - Update 3.5 for chats! here..
05/12/04 - Accidental deletion of 20 unvisited chats due to script failure :( Fixed!
16.04.04 - Improved search script search.php
15.04.04 - Tariffs have been changed! - now cheaper
13.04.04 - Banner frame installation! Read more in the forum...
04/09/04 - Updated version of the forum and design. re-registration is optional, you may have to use a password reminder!
04/07/04 - We read how to promote the chat, also in the parameters you can configure the topic topic that will be shown in the message window !!! (Very handy for changing the theme, news, and ads. You can use tags!)
04/05/04 - New condition: deleting a chat after 1 month of non-attendance!
04/03/04 - Added deletion of nicknames in the main admin panel!
03/28/04 - Script counter, help in the admin -> help! Icons in the nickname!
03/25/04 - The long-awaited private window with the ability to change the design!
03/24/04 - Professional email script!
03/19/04 - You can set the number of smiles (total and output)!
03/18/04 - Setting up the guest form. Everything was standardized :(
03/16/04 - In the admin panel, select the entrance only for registered
03/06/04 - Added 5th menu-frame. Smilies work in the guest room!
28.02.04 - Payment for chats and other services is open!
25.02.04 - Chat ignore function!
02/23/04 - New script, search by nicknames and profiles search.php?chat=_yourchat_.
15.02.04 - Newsletter appears in the admin panel, it works once a day!.
13.02.04 - In the main admin panel at the entrance there is a password reminder system.
10.02.04 - Polls can be created in the admin panel, guestbook is moderated!
02/05/04 - Guestbook template in the admin panel, now you can change the design of the guestroom :)
02/05/04 - Server failures, server restarted, standard time changed.
02/05/04 - The system of users in the chat has been changed, there should not be more glitches with arrivals!
02/01/04 - Function in the admin panel, delete unvisited chat chat.
01/31/04 - Automatically disable scrolling!
23.01.04 - Attention!!! Total update 2!
01/21/04 - In the parameters, you can set the PHP-continuous chat engine.
01/20/04 - Uploading images for design has appeared in the admin panel!
01/19/04 - Update of the user display script.
01/09/04 - Cleaning chats. Chats that have not been visited during the week ( with an unconfigured design ) will be deleted!
01/08/04 - Fixed several bugs, added throw windows.
01.01.04 - The administration wishes everyone a Happy New Year and all the best.
29.12.03 - Registration of chats restored
26.12.03 - Changed the design of
12/11/03 - Test registration is open!