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Terms and conditions of use of the site

Last modified 12/01/2022.

These rules are intended to describe user interaction with our website and our other services located or indirectly related to this project. Please note that any violation of these terms or conditions may result in permanent consequences for you, such as permanent account suspension and deletion of inappropriate data. Read these rules to understand the basic principles of interaction and behavior on our projects.

1. General rules for the site and all services

- Participants who enter someone else’s or inaccurate data may be blocked.
- It is prohibited to create multiple accounts for different E-mail addresses. Use one account.
- It is prohibited to use anonymous E-mail addresses of temporary mail services.
- Obscene language (swearing), insults and various unsubstantiated statements are prohibited.
- It is prohibited to send SPAM messages/invitations and engage in annoying flooding in any form.
- Any cheating by unnatural behavior is prohibited on all our services.
- It is prohibited to post information or links that violate the laws of the Russian Federation, as well as the CIS and EU countries.
- It is prohibited to download other people's photos or files, follow the download rules.
- It is prohibited to perform actions that lead to improper operation of the site.
- It is prohibited to post 18+ content, as well as content related to betting and casinos.
- You agree that we will use your Cookies for the site to function properly.
- The site is not responsible for content added by users, but has the right to remove it upon request.

2. The administration undertakes

- Block users who violate rules and laws.
- Respond to all user comments.
- Maintain the site in working order and correct errors in operation.
- Take all possible measures to ensure the security and storage of user data.
- Never transfer user data to third parties, only to law enforcement agencies upon request.

3. Responsibility and guarantees of the administration

- The site administration is not responsible for violations initiated by site users.
- The site administration is not responsible for damage caused by other users.
- The site administration cannot guarantee the operation of free services provided on a voluntary basis.

4. Rules for placing rating counters

- Only one counter is allowed to be placed in a visible place on the page.
- If cheating is suspected, rating participants will be blocked.
- It is prohibited to change the meter code that affects its functionality.

5. Rules for participation and use of the CAP system

- Sites with erotic themes (18+) and sites that violate the law are prohibited.
- It is prohibited to initiate browsing of sites in unintended ways.
- The participation of sites that in any way disrupt the operation of the system is prohibited.
- For example, sites with redirects, malicious code, Pop-ups and windows are prohibited.

6. Rules for using the forum

- Please remember to follow basic rules of netiquette on our forum.
- Before creating a topic, make sure that your question has not yet been answered. Use search.
- Provide a meaningful topic title. Incorrectly created topics are sent to the trash.
- Create a topic in the correct section. Offtopic is not welcome.
- Try to describe your problem clearly and in detail.
- Messages that do not contain any useful information (flood) are deleted without warning.
- For personal correspondence, use Personal Messages. Don't litter the forum.
- Insulting forum participants, as well as showdowns in any form, is strictly prohibited.
- If you do not follow the rules, you may be denied access to the forum. Be adequate.

7. Rules for uploading files

- Uploading files that violate laws and human rights is prohibited.
- Uploading 18+ pornographic materials is prohibited !
- To avoid complaints, you are only allowed to upload your personal files or free files.
- You can upload your pictures to use them on the Internet. Easily create avatars and icons.
- If more than 1000 files are downloaded, then files that have not been viewed for more than 1 month will be deleted.
- Delete unnecessary files yourself so as not to overload the system with unnecessary information.

8. Rules for using the payment system

- The payment acceptance system is designed to pay for our services automatically.
- In case of failure to provide services, if possible, we will refund unspent funds.
- Refunds are made within 2 business days to the account from which they were received.
- After the refund, the service will be blocked and subsequently deleted.
- We do not use any commission fees, except for taking into account commissions of payment systems.
- We are not a savings system and do not store user funds in accounts like a bank.
- We are not responsible for actions committed by third parties.
- We undertake to understand any errors in the system and correct them if possible.
- Write to us if you couldn’t find a suitable payment method - we will help.

9. Rules for using MPCHAT chats

- Renew on time. A month after payment is completed, the chat will be deleted automatically.
- The use of other people's designs, pictures or scripts is prohibited.
- Senseless flooding and simulation of participants in the chat are prohibited.
- 18+ chats are required to hide the link in the list.
- Insults and obscene language are prohibited.
- If one of the conditions is violated, the chat may be blocked.

10. Special rules to prevent hate speech

- It is prohibited to post on our pages and hosting any materials, files, posts, links, propaganda, slogans and messages directly or indirectly related to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
- Administrators are obliged to immediately remove such content and block those who distribute it.
- If these requirements are not met, your page/service may be blocked forever.
- If you are a regular visitor and find similar content, to remove it, first notify the administrator of the page/service. If the content is not deleted after a day, you can write to us using the Contacts link at the bottom of the page.

We reserve the right to change these terms, conditions or requirements at any time. We do not guarantee anything and are not responsible for the actions performed by users of our services. However, we will take all possible measures to prevent these users from violating the rules.