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How to pay or renew the service

You can pay for the service through our payment system with auto-assignment of services .
If you did not find an available payment method, please contact us with your country.
When paying, only the amount that reached by one of the selected methods is considered.
In case of non-provision of services, the money for the unused period is returned.
For a paid month, an average value of 30.5 days is considered.
If you pay for a service worth 5 € in the amount of 10 € , then the service will be extended for 61 days.
Not only the owner of the service can pay, but also any other authorized user.
You can independently specify the type of Mpchat/Myradio24/Hosting service, service login and payment amount.

Information for individual entrepreneurs and companies

Since our company is registered in Germany, all payments are made in Euro. However, we have many payment methods available in rubles, including payment by cards from any country. After payment, upon request, we can issue an Invoce (bill) for your company in Russian or English, which is a confirmation of payment for the specified service. Please note that we work on an offer and as a rule we do not conclude contracts. In addition, like most European companies, we do not send acts, only invoices.