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Privacy policy "Privacy" and files "Cookies"

Last modified 11/28/2018.

To protect the rights and privacy of users of our sites, we have established a Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy that explains what information we collect from users and what we do with it. We are loyal to protecting the information entrusted to us by users. This privacy and cookie policy applies to our group of projects, which includes the following sites:,,,

1. Collection of information
We collect information when you register on the site, log into your account, provide personal information, write messages, upload files or take any other action within our site. In addition, we automatically register your computer and browser, including IP, software and hardware data, and the address of the requested page.

2. Use of information
The information we collect from you may be used to display on our website, statistics or to contact you. Please note that you control the display of personal data on our website and can change or delete it at any time.

3. Disclosure of information to third parties
We do not sell, trade or transfer personal information to third parties. We are willing to share information to prevent or assist in the investigation of crime when it comes to suspected fraud, physical threats to the safety of people, violations of terms of use, or when required by law. Please note that the personal data you provide in your profile on our website will be available to other Internet users and controlled only by you personally.

4. Information security
We use various security measures to ensure that your personal information is kept safe. Servers and computers on which confidential information is recorded are located in reliable Data Centers. The software used is constantly kept up to date. All data is transmitted exclusively through an SSL secure connection.

5. Deletion of information
All information provided by you on our site, as well as uploaded files, can be changed or deleted by you personally through our site. If there is no deletion option, or someone else provided your personal data, we will delete this data upon your request to the support service. If your account is deactivated, some data may still be stored in our system, but it will not be available on the Internet. To completely delete all your data, you must also write to our support team. Banned violator accounts are not public and will not be removed from our system.

6. Use of cookies
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you visit a website. We use "cookies" to recognize you when you visit our website. Thus, you do not need to log in every time you enter the site. Our Cookies do not contain any sensitive information other than your E-mail address. In addition to our cookies, we work with third party companies that use their own cookies to help us analyze how our site works. You can delete cookies at any time using the appropriate functions of your browser. For example in Chrome or Firefox .

7. Unsubscribing from mailing lists
We use email to provide you with information about your orders, news, promotions or technical work. If you wish to unsubscribe, instructions are provided in each email on how you can do so. Please note that you cannot turn off the notifications related to your orders, this notification is mandatory until your order is deleted from our system.

8. Changing the privacy policy
This privacy policy may be changed or supplemented by us at any time. You can find all the changes on this page. The link to the "Privacy" page is available at the bottom of our website:

9. Consent
By using our website, you automatically agree to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.