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About our company

Our company INTERNET SERVICES VMESTE , working in the field of hosting services and web development, was founded in 2006 - more than 15 years ago. Legally the company is registered in Germany . Taxation is carried out on the basis of German and EU legislation. Most of our employees work remotely from different countries - as individual entrepreneurs. The founder of the company and main developer is DIMITRY BANSIKOV . At the moment, services are provided in Russia by our official partner . If you have any questions, please use the contacts on our website.

About projects created during work

Our first project was one of the popular services for creating chats,, founded in 2004 as a hobby project that still works today. The second popular project was radio hosting, founded in 2007. And in 2008, we created our own social network to unite people around the world , which is currently a platform for interaction with our clients. Later in 2010, we developed the server and web hosting control panel, which we use to provide high-quality PHP hosting. As of 2020, the total monthly audience on our commercial projects is more than 25,000 people.