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Restoring a deleted order

You can usually restore any remote hosting order.

1. Domains
If the domain has already been deleted from our system, then most likely it has become free.
If someone else hasn't registered it, try registering it again.

Unfortunately, at the moment it is impossible to restore the radio. But you can re-register the same login if it is free.

If your chat was deleted after 07/01/2018 , then it can be restored. Don't know the deletion date? Write to us via Contacts using the link below with your chat login.

4. PHP Hosting
PHP hosting orders can be restored. We keep the latest backups for a long time.

How to recover MPCHAT or PHP Hosting?

If you already know that your order can be restored as described above, then follow the instructions below. To restore, it is enough from your Vmeste account, where this order was previously, just order the service with the same login and extend it for 1 month. After that, write to the support service, through Contacts at the link below, with a request to restore the order by specifying the service login. Wait for recovery during the working day. For a restored order, all passwords will be old - as at the time of deletion.

How to recover Vmeste account?

If your account has been deactivated, then some time later it can still be restored. To do this, enter your old E-mail in the login form, and then click Forgot password . After the password recovery procedure, your account will also be restored. You can read more about account deactivation .