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Save card for recurring payments

Why should I save my card? Is it safe? Yes!

Safe - Absolutely! The data is sent to the payment system . We only store part of your card number and payment token.
Safe - A saved payment token allows you to repeat payments only to our address , the money will never go to others.
Transparent - We have entered into an agreement with the payment service. All payments from us will be marked:
Transparent - Once linked, your card will be displayed on our payment page and can be easily removed .
+ Convenient - By linking an account, you can pay for services in one click, you will no longer need to enter data!
+ Convenient - you can activate auto-renewal of services, if there are no funds on your balance, then the amount will be debited from the card.
+ Reliable - All auto payments can be canceled - the funds will be returned to your account. Read more at the bottom of the page.
+ Profitable - Paying by card is profitable. The commission will always be 0% . Even if you don't want to link an account.

When is the withdrawal of funds and how to control it?

Automatic debiting of funds takes place 15 days before the end of the payment for the service. We consider it important to write off in advance and notify the client in case of an error - preventing the order from being blocked. To disable automatic debiting, just uncheck the Auto-renewal checkbox for all your orders on the My orders page. It is not necessary to remove the card from the system for this.

Why couldn't my card be saved?

This is usually due to the security settings of your card, for example, the bank prohibits paying with a card without 3D Secure - without SMS/Push confirmation. Maestro cards cannot be saved - only Visa / Mastercard / World are saved. You can try saving another card if you have one.

I want to return the debited funds and delete the payment instrument

There are no problems with this. You can completely remove the card from our system in one click on our payment page . To return the funds, just tell us the payment information by writing a request through Contacts at the link at the bottom of the page. Please note that your application will be processed within one day. Also, please note that if our services for this payment have already been provided to you, then we only carry out a partial refund of unspent funds. We have been working in the field of IT services for more than 15 years and we try to provide our services with the highest quality.