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Orders, management, change of E-mail, tariff or owner

Orders and management

Orders include all services, as well as domains ordered and displayed on the page:
At the moment, the list of services includes:
  1. Domain registration in zones: ru, rf, su, com, net, org, biz, info
  2. Chat hosting MPCHAT
  3. Radio Hosting MyRadio24
  4. PHP hosting for websites
On the same page, you can manage your orders, for example, you can change the tariff .
You can also change contact details for domains, change E-mail and transfer the order to another owner.

Change of E-mail, tariff or owner

Who is the owner of the order?

After we introduced a common system of orders for all our services through , the owner of the order is not the one whose E-mail is indicated as the main one, and not the one who owns all the passwords for the service, and not the one who constantly pays for the service, and the one in whose account this order is located.

How to change the owner of an order?

To change the owner, you need to click on the data next to the order on the orders page and start the order transfer procedure. The new owner of the order must already be in the system. By submitting an application for the transfer of an order, you will receive a code, this code must be transferred to the new owner, who will use it to accept the order on the page . After that, the order transfer procedure will be fully completed and you will no longer be the owner. Important!!! Please note that in the case of transferring ru, rf and su domains, it is necessary to re-register the domain with the registrar, and when transferring domains from other zones, the new owner, after accepting the order, must change the domain data to his own . In addition, the new owner must change the main E-mail of the order , more details below.

How to change the e-mail of the order?

Each order contains in the data the main E-mail of the order. You can change this E-mail by clicking on the data in the orders section:
Important!!! Please note that you can restore the order password to the main E-mail and thereby gain access to order management.
If you also need to change the E-mail for your account , then you can do this in the settings:

How is the tariff change?

You can change the tariff in the data section on the orders page . Just select a new plan and click change . If the tariff change is successful, the renewal date will be automatically recalculated based on the balance of the paid period. In the event of a tariff reduction, the system charges a commission by subtracting one paid day .

Do you still have questions?

Write to us via the contact form.