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MPCHAT: Professional chat hosting with quiz and webcams

There are many good chat services out there, but they all have a big flaw in the messaging engine. This is either a refresh that takes a lot of traffic, or the use of ports that do not work in many browsers. Mpchat, on the other hand, uses a continuous engine that can instantly process thousands of users by sending them messages with almost no traffic consumption. In addition, the engine supports all modern browsers, ie. it will work for any user .

1. In the chat, you can customize the whole look and construction of frames, you just need to put your hands on it and have a desire. Styles are used in the chat - the stylist will help you set up the background, colors and font without any special knowledge!.

2. In the chat, you can set up personal emoticons that are called into the chat with simple commands, as well as icons for chatlan nicknames. A huge archive of graphics will help you create your personal emoji/icon list.

3. In each chat , register your users , when filling out the questionnaire, you can upload a photo, change the color of the message, nickname and much more...

4. Nicklist contains the most modern functions - private, ignore, status, rank, gender.

5.Using filtering, you can filter swear words, ads, or simply give commands to the chat, for example, output a flash or turn on music for visitors.

6. Each chat and chat user has detailed statistics of messages and time. There are Top100 users in the chat.

7. Full customization ( in HTML templates ) of the type of help, rules, transliteration, chat entry, message output, various effects, etc.

8. You will also get many other useful scripts such as voting script, guestbook, gallery, mailing list, personal counter and more...

9. Convenient chat admin panel that allows you to block and assign moderators. View IP and execute various commands like calling a user (call), play music, throw windows, forbid talking, etc.

10. Also in the chat there is an opportunity to create one bot , which you can train yourself, and give the opportunity to tell jokes that are in the database of our service.

11. A great feature is the forum script with all modern features . The forum was created using new technology and can easily handle up to 10,000 topics in each section and 10,000 posts in each topic)

12. On a paid basis, you get even more features, such as a virtual store that allows you to shop and give gifts to other members, as well as clans that make the chat even more interesting.

If you have other requirements or I forgot something, please let me know by mail. For discussion, as well as for problems, use our forum.

mpchat banners

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