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Dear visitors and chat administrators

Due to the large number of complaints about the placement of materials, slogans and messages related to the situation in Ukraine, as well as in connection with the harassment that occurs between people, we are introducing new hosting rules:

1. It is forbidden to place on our hosting any materials, files, posts, links, propaganda, slogans and messages directly or indirectly related to the situation in Ukraine.

2. Administrators and moderators are required to immediately remove such content and block users who distribute it.

3. If the administrator does not fulfill these requirements, the chat will be permanently blocked, the money will be returned.

If you are a regular chat visitor and find similar content, please notify the chat admin first to remove it. If it doesn't work and after a day the content is not removed, you can write to us via the Contacts link at the bottom of the page. Please take it with understanding to the new rules.
Stay human. Peace to all!